Time travel made easy...

Once more it's Thursday and I'm sitting at the Aiport in Columbus, OH. It's sunny and there's a little bit of wind; without the latter it would almost be nice to sit outside. That wasn't the case the last few days though. Heavy rain, snow and low temperatures reigned the country. In the meantime though this nasty cyclone moved to the east coast. Now, where am I flying to today? Exactly, I'm headed to the east cost.

It's nothing unusual that in such conditions flights get delayed, sometimes cancelled. Of course the Airlines have no interest to cancel flights and only do that as a last resort. On the other hand they don't want to frustrate the customers too much and post 2.5h of delay right away. Instead they post the flight 'on time' first and then increase the delay in half hour steps...

I'm currently in a situation like that and I'm glad I've chosen an Airline that actually has the fantastic ability to bend the space-time continuum and bring us all home safe without losing almost any time...

Check this out; here's my outgoing flight from Columbus, OH into NYC

and here's the flight we're waiting for:

27 minutes! I'd say 20 minutes for taxing and boarding at both places isn't too much, which leaves us with 7 minutes actual flight time! 7 minutes for 478 miles is simply amazing (which equals to 68.28 miles a minute or 1.14 miles a second) - it's not the speed of light yet but I think it's a move into the right direction. This is a moving moment and I am glad to be one of the 30 to 40 pioneers who were able to get a seat on that plane and experience the impossible....

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Surf the world for free - wireless!

It would be so nice if you could just go anywhere you like, switch on your PC and hop onto the Internet - by the means of WiFi and free of charge, off course. Impossible? No, actually not and there's light on the horizon that something like a global WiFi is possible.

The Businessidea: Just let the the hundreds of thousands of existing Internet users build the global WiFi. Let the contributors surf for free and charge a very low fee for all the other users. Impossible? Perhaps not. FON, a innovative venture takes the challenge and tries exactly that.

Check it out and become a Fonero. Olé!

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YES! E3 is here! Check out all the news on Gamespot.

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Virtual Worlds

Isn't it fascinating - you can actually live another life, or two, or three. Thanks to the ever evolving World of Computer Gaming. And of course you do not want to play games all alone. No, you become part of a huge community of like-minded people and you enter all kinds of virtual worlds with your PDRs (Personal Digital Representation). Once there, you mix and mingle with other people, play games, buy land, build houses, embark on dangerous missions and do business - like your real representation in our reality does. By the way - who says that our reality isn't a digital realm created by some very fancy programmers.

>> SecondLife

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